WARNER ARCHIVE: Seven Days in May and The Loved One Arrive on Blu

Two new releases have been announced by Warner as part of their Archive Collection including the arrival of the 1964 Burt Lancaster political drama, Seven Days in May on Blu. 

Also included this week on Blu-Ray is the comedy The Loved One (1965). 

Seven Days in May will be available here at ClassicFlix on May 1st while The Loved One arrives May 9th, adding to the total of over 1,700 Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at ClassicFlix.com.

KINO: Gloria Swanson & Coronet Blue Arrive in June

Kino has announced June 6th as the release date for the Gloria Swanson silent drama Zaza (1923) making its DVD and Blu-ray debut. Also arriving on June 20th is the mystery drama Coronet Blue. The complete thirteen-episode series originally aired in 1967.

CLASSICFLIX LABEL: The Killer is Loose Arrives in June on Blu & DVD

The Killer is Loose (1956) is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in its original aspect ratio (1.85:1) this June 13th from ClassicFlix.

Directed by Budd Boetticher and starring Joseph Cotten, Rhonda Fleming and a chillingly haunting Wendell Corey, the newly remastered and restored film will retail for $29.99 (Blu) and $24.99 (DVD) respectively. English subtitles are included.

Look for it in the coming days at all major online retail outlets including AmazonTCM and MoviesUnlimited
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Detective Sam Wagner’s job is never easy. Even an average day proves stressful for him and his family. But this is no ordinary day for Wagner (Joseph Cotten) or his wife Lila (Rhonda Fleming).

After pegging a recent bank robbery as an inside job orchestrated by mild-mannered clerk Leon Poole (played by a bespectacled Wendell Corey), Wagner heads to the suspect’s apartment to make the arrest expecting him to be alone. Instead, Poole’s beloved wife is with him and caught in the crossfire of a shootout leaving her dead.

Sent to prison, and believing Wagner is responsible for his wife’s death, Poole is desperate for revenge. Escape and murder soon follow with the haunting Poole bent on taking away the woman Wagner loves. Will the detective and his men save her in time?

Helmed by the gritty Budd Boetticher, The Killer is Loose takes the director’s unique visual style away from the plains and into the world of suburbia for this taut and suspenseful thriller. Close your windows, lock your doors -- The Killer is Loose!

WARNER ARCHIVE: James Garner & More on Blu in Latest Wave

Five new-to-DVD releases have been announced by Warner as part of their Archive Collection, all premiering on Blu-Ray.
Two of the titles star actor James Garner. They are:
The remaining three titles are:
Ride the High Country arrives April 4th. 36 Hours debuts on April 11th while Spencer's Mountain streets April 18th. From Hell It Came and The Wheeler Dealers both arrive April 25th.
These titles add to the total of over 1,600 Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at ClassicFlix.com.

KINO: Redheads From Seattle, Marjorie Morningstar & More Premiere in May

Eight titles are scheduled for release in May from Kino including the DVD and Blu-ray debut of Those Redheads From Seattle (1953) in 3-D.
May 9th:
May 23rd:
May 30th:
All except The Indian Fighter will receive updated DVDs though Hound of the Baskervilles is not currently getting a Blu release.

CRITERION: They Live By Night, The Lodger & More Arrive in June

Criterion has announced June street dates for They Live By Night (1948), The Lodger (1927) and Ugetsu (1954) with all three films making their Blu debut. Click here for details.

Tomorrow is Forever & He Walked by Night Among 9 Films & 2 TV Shows Scheduled

ClassicFlix is pleased to announce another slate of upcoming titles which include nine films and two television shows.

All nine classic features will be released on both formats with five debuting on Blu-ray and the other four making their DVD and HD bow. They include Tomorrow is Forever (1946) starring Claudette Colbert and Orson Welles and He Walked by Night (1948) starring Richard Basehart (which is expected to be part of an Anthony Mann/John Alton boxed set).

On Blu-ray for the first time:
  • Along Came Jones (1945) – starring Gary Cooper and Loretta Young
  • Casanova Brown (1944) – starring Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright and Frank Morgan
  • Crime of Passion (1957) – starring Barbara Stanwyck, Sterling Hayden and Raymond Burr
  • He Walked by Night (1948) – starring Richard Basehart, Scott Brady and Jack Webb and co-directed by Anthony Mann
  • The Noose Hangs High (1948) – starring Abbott and Costello
On DVD & Blu-ray for the first time:
  • Five Steps to Danger (1956) – starring Sterling Hayden and Ruth Roman
  • The Killer is Loose (1956) – starring Joseph Cotten, Rhonda Fleming and Wendell Corey and directed by Budd Boetticher
  • Nightmare (1956) – starring Edward G. Robinson and Kevin McCarthy
  • Tomorrow is Forever (1946) – starring Claudette Colbert, Orson Welles, George Brent, Lucile Watson, Richard Long and Natalie Wood
Two rarely-seen television shows will also be making their DVD debut having never been available on any home video format:
  • It’s About Time (The Complete Series) – starring Frank Aletter, Jack Mullaney, Imogene Coca and Joe E. Ross
  • Lock-Up (Season 1) – starring Macdonald Carey and John Doucette
Releases are expected to start in late spring.

KINO: Westerns and Dramas Arrive in April

Five titles, all premiering on Blu, are scheduled for release in April from Kino including the arrival of a 4K restoration of 1957's A Farewell to Arms. Click here for details.