WARNER: Ball of Fire, Dead End, Little Foxes & Time Machine Blu

Warner has scheduled July release dates for 3 Goldwyn classics previously released by MGM, but long since out of print: Ball of Fire (1941), Dead End (1937) and The Little Foxes (1941). Click here to read the full story.

BLU CRITERION: Hard Day's Night, All That Heaven Allows

Criterion has scheduled June street dates for their Blu-Ray / DVD Combo's of The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night (1964) and Douglas Sirk's All That Heaven Allows (1955). Click here to read the full story.

COLUMBIA CLASSICS: Mary Astor - And So They Were Married

Three more from Sony's Columbia Classics line are on their way with Mary Astor and Melvyn Douglas highlighting this wave in And So They Were Married (1936). Click here to read the full story.