My Fair Lady - 50th Anniversary Edition in December

Everything is "loverly" now that Paramount has announced a December 9th release date for the 50th Anniversary of the Audrey Hepburn musical, My Fair Lady on Blu-Ray and DVD. Click here for details.

SHOUT: Fourth and Final Season of Dobie Gillis in December

Shout Factory has announced a street date of December 16th for the fourth and final season of sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Click here for details.

WARNER ARCHIVE: Dueling Versions of Desert Song & Loopy De Loop Coming to DVD

Warner has announced three new releases as part of their Archive Collection; two interpretations of the Romberg / Hammerstein musical, The Desert Song and a series of animated shorts. Click here for details.

TIMELESS: Zane Grey Theatre - Season 3 Arrives in December

Timeless Media continues its plans to release the remaining seasons of the Western anthology series, Zane Grey Theatre and has announced that season three will be available December 2nd. Click here for details.

KINO: Restored Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Coming in November

Kino has announced a November 18th release date for the 4K restoration of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Click here for details.

Gunsmoke - Season 11 Coming in Two Volumes

Paramount is getting back in the saddle with Marshal Dillon, announcing a December 2nd street date for volumes one and two of Gunsmoke, Season 11. Click here for details.