KINO: Not as a Stranger & More Arrive on Blu in Latest Wave - 3 Day Special Price

Eight titles are scheduled for release in January from Kino including the Blu-ray premiere of Not as a Stranger (1954).

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Tomorrow Is Forever (1946) - ClassicFlix Trailer

Here's a trailer we cut for our restored Tomorrow is Forever (1946) starring Orson Welles and Claudette Colbert. It also stars George Brent and marks the movie debut of Richard Long. Lucile Watson is great in support as well and so is Natalie Wood in a pre-"Miracle" appearance.

It streets in 7 days (12/19/17).


Soon after the end of World War I, Elizabeth MacDonald receives a telegram that her husband John has been killed in action just before peace was declared. She later succumbs to a fainting spell, not as a reaction to her husband’s death, but because she’s expecting a child. Still heartbroken and longing to preserve John’s memory, she brings a boy into the world and names him “John Andrew” after his father, “Drew” for short.

Twenty years later and on the eve of World War II, the remarried Elizabeth is about to get a shock— John is not dead! With a shattered body and a determination to forget the past, John now goes by the name “Erik Kessler,” and unintentionally re-enters her life. But with the onslaught of Nazi aggression in Europe, the once happy couple must now confront new challenges together as Drew makes plans to fight with the RAF against Germany.

With a screenplay by Lenore Coffee (Four Daughters), Tomorrow is Forever provided an incredible acting showcase for “Renaissance man” Orson Welles as the enigmatic Kessler and Claudette Colbert as Elizabeth, a woman determined not to let another war tear her family apart. The drama also boasts fine support from George Brent, Lucille Watson, Richard Long (in his film debut), and a seven-year-old Natalie Wood (Miracle on 34th St).

Directed by Irving Pichel (The Most Dangerous Game), Tomorrow is Forever remains beloved by classic film fans for its exquisite music score by Max Steiner (Casablanca), and for its masterful blend of romance, suspense and sentiment in its depiction of a family whose lives are tested by the tragedies of war.


  • Audio Commentary by Film Score Restorationist Ray Faiola of Chelsea Rialto Studios
  • Isolated Music Track
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5 Steps to Danger (1957) Screencaps

Here's are some screencaps taken directly from our 4K scan of the first reel (of the original camera negative) for the Cold War spy-thriller "5 STEPS TO DANGER" (1957) starring Ruth Roman and Sterling Hayden. Some poster art too just for kicks...

Release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Raw Deal (1948) Sneak Peek

Here's a peek at our restoration of Raw Deal (1948) starring Dennis O'Keefe, Claire Trevor and Marsha Hunt.
Please note the street date has changed to January 16th in order to devote more time to its restoration. I know you'll be pleased with the final results and that the extra month spent cleaning it up will be worth the wait once you see it.
- David Kawas
ClassicFlix, Founder, Producer

WARNER ARCHIVE: Auntie Mame on Blu Announced for December - 3 Day Special Price

Warner has announced the debut of the 1958 comedy Auntie Mame on Blu-ray via their Archive Collection. 

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OLIVE: Signature Series Announces Letter From an Unknown Woman in December

Olive has announced another new entry in their Criterion-esque Signature series: the 1948 romantic drama Letter From an Unknown Woman on Blu-ray. 

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World Premiere Streaming Event of T-Men on "Black & White" Friday

We will be streaming T-Men (1947) for FREE in a World Premiere streaming event on "Black & White" Friday on our YouTube channel!
We'll also feature a giveaway and a very, very low price for the Blu-ray (Special Edition) that night.
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WARNER ARCHIVE: Battle Cry in Blu, Double Features and More in Latest Wave

Six new releases have been announced by Warner as part of their Archive Collection, including the Blu-Ray debut of the Van Heflin war drama Battle Cry (1955). 

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More HE WALKED BY NIGHT Restoration Screencaps

6 more days until the our restoration of HE WALKED BY NIGHT (1948) - Special Edition is out on Blu-ray. Here are some more screencaps.

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