Barbara Stanwyck - The Signature Collection in October

**Warner Home Video** has announced an October 30th release date for Barbara Stanwyck - The Signature Collection. The 5 disc DVD set will include Annie Oakley (1935), East Side, West Side (1949), Executive Suite (1954), My Reputation (1946) and a double feature disc, To Please A Lady (1950) and Jeopardy (1953). The set will retail for $49.92, but is available at for only $37.99. Individual titles will retail for $19.97, and are available at Classicflix for $14.49. Warner's press release is below.

On 30th October 2007, Warner Home Video will honor the 100th birthday of one of the motion picture industry’s most glamorous icons with her first-ever DVD set, Barbara Stanwyck - The Signature Collection. The DVD release includes six titles across five discs -- Annie Oakley, East Side, West Side, Executive Suite, My Reputation and a Double Feature disc, To Please A Lady and Jeopardy. Each of the discs in the collection contain various special features, including radio programs, vintage cartoons and shorts and commentary on Robert Wise’s powerful all-star drama, Executive Suite.

The Films

Annie Oakley (1935)
Over a decade before the story of "sure-shot" Annie Oakley served as the basis for Irving Berlin's hit Broadway musical starring Ethel Merman, it was Barbara Stanwyck who first took on the film role of the famous female wild-west show sharpshooter.

East Side, West Side (1949)
Stanwyck shines as a devoted Manhattan wife who has trouble holding on to her husband (James Mason) after he has been hopelessly seduced by a beautiful and bold vixen, played with shameless sensuality by the captivating Ava Gardner.

Executive Suite (1954)
Barbara Stanwyck is reunited with William Holden (her life-long friend, and co-star in 1939's Golden Boy) in this landmark, all-star film which gave a new definition to the term "Boardroom Drama."

My Reputation (1946)
This is a classic 1940s Warner Bros. "woman's picture," with Stanwyck taking on the kind of role she was most famous for.

To Please A Lady (1950)
In To Please A Lady, Barbara Stanwyck co-stars for the second time with the King of Hollywood...Clark Gable. This reunion is an exciting saga set against the backdrop of auto racing.

Jeopardy (1953)
A fast-paced thriller filled with suspense, Jeopardy gave Stanwyck a plum role to exhibit her talent for being terrified. Most of this is due to the extraordinary talents of its then-young and up-and-coming director, the masterful John Sturges.

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