Solomon and Sheba, Taras Bulba & Kings of the Sun in March

**MGM** has announced a March 25th release date for Solomon and Sheba (1959), Taras Bulba (1962) & Kings of the Sun (1963). Each DVD will retail for $19.98, but are available at for only $14.99. Yul Brynner stars in all three with other stars being Tony Curtis, George Sanders George Chakiris, Richard Basehart & Gina Lollobrigida. More details to follow...

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  1. I hope the new March release of "Solomon and Sheba" has some bonus material. Director King Vidor said in the 1969 book "The Celluloid Muse: Hollywood Directors Speak" that it was a much better film with the original lead, Tyrone Power. He added: "It would be extremely interesting to compare Solomon and Sheba in it's present form with the two months' footage we shot with Power:I'm sure it must be preserved somewhere."