Murnau and Borzage Fox Box Set in December

**Fox** has announced their much anticipated Murnau and Borzage Fox Box Set for release on December 9th. Info is preliminary, including the title, and no additional details are yet available.

The titles are:
  • Lucky Star (1929)
  • Sunrise - Special Edition (1927)
  • Liliom (1930)
  • They Had to See Paris (1929)
  • Seventh Heaven (1927)
  • Bad Girl (1931)
  • Song 'O My Heart (1930)
  • Lazy Bones (1925)
  • Street Angel (1928)
  • City Girl (1930)
Retail price is 239.98, but it's available at for only $179.99.
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Please note that due to the high cost of this set, it will not be available for rent.

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