DETAILS ADDED: BD Exclusives for The Robe

--Bonus Features added to previous announcement for The Robe (Blu-Ray)--
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  • Introduction by Martin Scorsese
  • Commentary with Film Composer David Newman and Film Historians Jon Burlingame, Julie Kirgo and Nick Redman
  • The Making of the Robe
  • Gallery
  • Interactive Pressbook
  • Vintage Celebrity Introductions by Richard Widmark, Susan Hayworth, Robert Wagner, Clifton Webb and Dan Dailey
  • The CinemaScope Story featurette
  • From Scripture to Script: The Bible and Hollywood featurette
  • BONUSVIEW picture-in-picture mode:
    • The Robe Times Two: A Comparison of Widescreen and Standard Versions
    • A Seamless Faith: The Real-Life Search for The Robe featurettes
      • Inspiration
      • The Clothes of Christ
      • Clothes in Biblical Times
      • Clothes of a King
      • A Seamless Garment
      • The Robe on Page & Screen
      • The Robe and Politics
      • The Robe in Our World
      • The Robe in France & Russia
      • History vs. Drama
  • Audio Interview with Screenwriter Philip Dunne (1969)
  • Movietone News
    • CinemaScope Hailed by Public and Press
    • Broadway Hails The Robe in CinemaScope
    • The Robe (Christian Herald Award)
    • Millionth Patron Sees The Robe
    • CinemaScope and The Robe Win Oscars
  • Trailers / TV Spots
  • Poster Gallery / Lobby Cards

Original Announcement
No word on the other upcoming **Fox** titles previously mentioned (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Man Hunt & Stars and Stripes Forever), but we've just learned about a solid March 17th release date for the Historical Epic The Robe - Special Edition (1953) in Standard & Blu-Ray format.

No additional details are available except that the SD version should have both the CinemaScope and Flat version. And although we list the SD version as a 2-Disc set and the BD as a single disc, those details have not yet been verified.

Prices below with more details to follow.

The Robe - Special Edition Retail: $19.98, Our: $14.99
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The Robe (Blu-Ray) Retail: $34.98, Our: $27.99
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The first movie ever filmed in CinemaScope, The Robe was nominated for five Academy Awards in 1953, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Richard Burton. Burton stars as Marcellus Gallio, the Roman centurion charged with overseeing the crucifixion of Christ. But when he wins Christ's robe in a gambling game at the foot of the cross, his life is forever changed.

Its inspired story set to a spectacular score, and featuring an all-star cast, including Victor Mature and Jean Simmons, The Robe remains one of the screen's greatest biblical epics.

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