ARTWORK ADDED: Touch of Evil (50th Anniversary Edition)

--Artwork added to previous announcement--

**Universal** has announced an October 7th release date for Touch of Evil (50th Anniversary Edition). The 2 Disc Set wil retail for $26.98, but is available at for only $19.99. Details below.

This exceptional film noir portrait of corruption and morally-compromised obsessions stars Welles as Hank Quinlan, a crooked police chief who frames a Mexican youth as part of an intricate criminal plot. Charlton Heston plays an honorable Mexican narcotics investigator who clashes with the bigoted Quinlan after probing into his dark past. A memorable supporting cast including Janet Leigh as Heston's inquisitive wife, Akim Tamiroff as a seedy underworld leader, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Marlene Dietrich as an enigmatic gypsy complete this fascinating drama engulfed in haunting cinematography and a magnificently eerie score by Henry Mancini.

DISC 1 (Restored
Version - 111 minutes):

  • Bringing Evil to Life
  • Evil Lost & Found
  • Audio Commentary featuring Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh and Restoration Producer Rick Schmidlin
  • Audio Commentary featuring Restoration Producer Rick Schmidlin
  • Theatrical Trailer
DISC 2 (Theatrical Version - 109 minutes):

  • Audio Commentary featuring Writer / Filmmaker F.X. Feeny
  • Audio Commentary featuring Welles Historians Joanthan Rosenbaum and James Naremore

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