More Warner Archive!

17 new classic titles have been listed at Look for them as available to rent in the next day or two. They are listed below. Also, all 137 previously announced titles are in the system and available for rent.

Just a quick note (with screen shot example below) to let you know that you can quickly find the newest Warner Archive releases by going to the "By Collection" link under "Fun Ways to Browse" and sorting by "DVD Released (new - old)."

New Warner Archive Titles:

  • The Great Garrick (1937)
  • Hard to Get (1938)
  • Four Daughters (1938)
  • Castle on the Hudson (1940)
  • Billy the Kid (1941)
  • The Fallen Sparrow (1942)
  • Johnny Eager (1942)
  • Princess O'Rourke (1943)
  • Pride of the Marines (1945)
  • Tarzan's Magic Fountain (1949)
  • Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950)
  • Tarzan's Peril (1951)
  • Tarzan's Savage Fury (1952)
  • Above and Beyond (1952)
  • All the Brothers Were Valiant (1953)
  • Party Girl (1958)
  • Soldier in the Rain (1963)
While news of these releases may dash the hopes of those who expected Warner to give John Garfield a Signature Collection and perhaps the Lex Barker Tarzan's a boxed set, I can't help but exclaim the overall positive effect the Warner Archive line has had and will have for classic film fans.

And not just for Warner, MGM & RKO titles, but also for catalog titles at other major studios. With their near suspension of catalog releases and Warner's certain boon to their bottom line, there is great hope that Universal, Fox, Sony and Paramount will soon follow Warner's lead. Let's hope so.


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