WARNER ARCHIVE: Four's a Crowd with Errol, Olivia & Rosalind

WBShop has just listed the romantic screwball comedy Four's a Crowd (1938). Another Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland teaming, it also stars Rosiland Russell and Patric Knowles. Plenty of great support too with Walter Connolly, Hugh Herbert, Melville Cooper, Franklin Pangborn, Joseph Crehan and Margaret Hamilton.

It's now up and available for rent.

Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland infuse Hollywood classics with romance, daring and legendary screen chemistry. That chemistry reaches giddy heights in the screwball romp Four's a Crowd, the only comedy the stars made together. Flynn plays a PR dynamo who rigs a toy train race to win a grumpy millionaire (Walter Connolly) as a client -- and tries to win the millionaire’s granddaughter (de Havilland) too. As big-city newspaper types, Rosalind Russell and Patric Knowles join Flynn and de Havilland to make a madcap love quadrangle. All four end up in front of a justice of the peace, but who’s with whom?

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