WARNER ARCHIVE: Rhapsody (1954)

The titles just keep trickling in at WBShop as they have listed Rhapsody (1954) as available. It is now up for rent, but may be a couple of weeks before it's available for shipment.

FYI - WBShop has a sale going on now on the original 150 titles released as part of their Warner Archive Collection. 10 DVDs for $99. Get 'em now as the sale ends tomorrow at midnight.

Elizabeth Taylor strives for sweet harmony as a privileged young woman who must choose between the two musicians she loves. She first falls for a devoted violinist (Vittorio Gassman) and follows him when he goes off to musical studies abroad. There, she also meets a talented pianist (John Ericson) who tries to play the initially uninterested lady into his heart.

As events and emotions unfold, the inevitable conflict arises: which man does she truly love, which one is better for her – and could both be the same person? Smoothly directed by musical movie maestro Charles Vidor, filmed in such romantic locales as Paris, Zurich, St. Moritz and Rome and showcasing vibrant renditions of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Beethoven concertos, Rhapsody is a moving and melodic treat.

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