Arrest and Trial - The Complete Series in November

Arrest and Trial - The Complete Series
November 22nd
Timeless Media Group
Retail: $69.98, Our: $44.99
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Previously released in two separate 3-disc best-of sets, Arrest and Trial will now be another completed series from Timeless as they have announced Arrest and Trial - The Complete Series for release onNovember 22nd.

The 10-disc set will retail for $69.98, but is available at for only $44.99. Bonus features are not expected.

Before Law & Order, there was Arrest and Trial, NBC’s ground-breaking 1960’s series starring Ben Gazzara and Chuck Connors. Truly ahead of it’s time, Arrest and Trial was a 90-minute show combining elements of police procedural and courtroom drama. In the first half of each episode, Sgt. Nick Anderson (Ben Gazzara) of the LAPD tracked down and arrested a criminal. In the second half, Defense Attorney John Egan (Chuck Connors) worked to set the criminal free. The 90-minute format was unique on television for a dramatic series, and perhaps contributed to the show’s limited airing, but it also made for great television, foreshadowing shows to come, like the popular Law and Order series. This 10 DVD set containing all 30 episodes is faithfully reproduced from the original NBC masters.

Arrest and Trial was written by some of Hollywood’s finest writers, including Larry Cohen (Branded, Phone Booth), and also featured many of television’s best actors, including David Carradine (The Black Flower), Kim Hunter and Joey Heatherton (Some Weeks Are All Mondays), Anne Francis (The Witnesses), Macdonald Carey (Those Which Love Has Made), Nick Adams (A Roll of the Dice), Vera Miles (Journey Into Darkness), Mickey Rooney (Funny Man With A Monkey), Clu Gulager (Run, Little Man, Run), and James MacArthur (A Shield is for Hiding Behind).

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