New York Confidential (1955) in June - 3 DAY SPECIAL PRICE

New York Confidential (1955)
June 29th
Retail: $19.99, Our: $15.99 $11.98 (Until April 3rd )
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VCI has set a June 29th release date for New York Confidential (1955). The much sought after noir stars Broderick Crawford, Richard Conte, Marilyn Maxwell, Anne Bancroft and J. Carrol Naish.

It will be presented in its original aspect ratio (1.85:1) and comes with plenty of bonus features (below).

Retail will be $19.99, but it's available at for only $15.99. However, for 3 days only (until April 3rd), we'll have it for the SPECIAL LOW PRE-ORDER PRICE of $11.98. ORDER TODAY!

The kill-or-be-killed world of organized crime is the focus of this hard-hitting expose from the Oscar-nominated writing team of Russell Rouse and Clarence Greene.

Broderick Crawford is the NYC mob boss dealing out death as the answer to every crisis--from a minor member of his own syndicate, to a Washington lobbyist, to his own hired killers!


  • Narrative commentary by Alan Rode
  • Tough Customers: Crawford, Conte, Naish, Mazurki: Narrative with stills/clips about this quartet of legendary noir baddies
  • Anne Bancroft, Unlikely Femme Fatale: Chronological narrative with stills on the early part of her film career as a femme fatale sexpot
  • Feature on Russell Rouse, producer, director, writer, of D.O.A., The Thief, The Well, NYC, and Wicked Woman.
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

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