TCM VAULT: Sony's Film Noir Classics, Vol. 3 in January


Film Noir Classics, Vol. 3 (TCM Vault)
January 16th
My Name is Julia Ross (1945), The Mob (1951), Drive a Crooked Road (1954), Tight Spot (1955), The Burglar (1957)

Sony's Film Noir Classics sets continue with Film Noir Classics, Vol. 3 due on January 16th.

Released via the TCM Vault line, all five films are new to DVD. Bonus features, aside from an introduction from Martin Scorsese, will probably be minimal.

Available exclusively for purchase at, this set will be available for rent here at ClassicFlix and nowhere else!

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Film Foundation and Turner Classic Movies partner on the third collection in the series, Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics III.

This collection of previously unreleased noir favorites hurl you into a shadowy world of hit men, kidnappers, corrupt cops, bank robbers, mob informers, femme fatales and hard-luck losers.

My Name is Julia Ross (1945)
Nina Foch plays an unemployed secretary lured to an isolated mansion by insidious characters.

The Mob (1951)
In one of his most dynamic roles, Broderick Crawford plays a police detective who goes undercover as a dock worker in New Orleans to expose The Mob.

Drive a Crooked Road (1954)
Mickey Rooney gives a fine, underrated performance as a race car enthusiast blackmailed into driving the getaway car at a bank robbery.

Tight Spot (1955)
Ginger Rogers, cast against type, is a tough, uncooperative witness in a criminal case threatened by her association with gangsters in Tight Spot.

The Burglar (1957)
Dan Duryea stars as a cunning jewel thief who recruits Jayne Mansfield, Mickey Shaughnessy and Peter Capell for one final heist before retiring.

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