Julie Newmar, Robert Cummings in My Living Doll this March

My Living Doll, Vol. 1
March 20th
Retail: $24.98, Our: $19.99
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MPI has scheduled My Living Doll, Vol. 1 for release on March 20th.

Julie Newmar and Robert Cummings starred in the short-lived series which aired in the 1964-65 season and ran for 26 episodes.

This 2-disc set will feature 11 episodes and include a "wealth of special features" which have not yet been announced.

Retail will be $24.98, but it is available at ClassicFlix.com for only $19.99.

Iconic actress Julie Newmar may be best-known as the original feline villain Catwoman in the 1960s Batman television series. However, her cult-classic, small-screen career was cemented with the CBS-TV sitcom My Living Doll.

Newmar portrays Rhonda the robot, a top-secret project of the U.S. government's space program, who is placed under the supervision of agency psychiatrist Dr. Bob McDonald, played by Robert Cummings (Love That Bob). Bob moves the beautiful Rhonda into his apartment and begins the task of training her how to function in the human world while keeping her secret from being discovered, a situation complicated by his interfering sister (Doris Dowling) and his love-sick neighbor Peter (Jack Mullaney).

This collection offers 11 complete episodes of My Living Doll which have not aired on television in decades and make their official DVD debut. A wealth of special features is also included.

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