TCM VAULT: Jean Arthur Drama Collection in May


Jean Arthur Drama Collection (TCM Vault)
May 7th
Whirlpool (1934), The Most Precious Thing in Life (1934), The Defense Rests (1934), Party Wire (1935)

Quickly following up on their Jean Arthur Comedy Collection of last October, Sony will release the Jean Arthur Drama Collection on May 7th.

Released via TCM's Vault line, the 4-disc set is available exclusively for purchase at, and only available for rent here at ClassicFlix.

Bonus features are not forthcoming, but will likely be in number consistent with Vault's previous releases.

In the set:

  • Whirlpool (1934) - Jack Holt, Donald Cook, Allen Jenkins
  • The Most Precious Thing in Life (1934) - Richard Cromwell, Donald Cook, Anita Louise
  • The Defense Rests (1934) - Jack Holt, Nat Pendleton
  • Party Wire (1935) - Victor Jory, Helen Lowell, Robert Allen, Charley Grapewin

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