Stand-In (1937) with Leslie Howard, Joan Blondell & Humphrey Bogart Streets in February

Hollywood satire Stand-In (1937) starring Leslie Howard, Joan Blondell & Humphrey Bogart streets in February!

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I Met My Love Again (1938) ClassicFlix Trailer

Out today for the first time on DVD, here's a trailer we cut for our restoration of I Met My Love Again (1938) starring Henry Fonda and Joan Bennett.

College sweethearts Julie Weir (Joan Bennett) and Ives Towner (Henry Fonda) are very much in love and engaged to be married. But because Ives feels like a “nobody”, he asks Julie if she could wait until he makes something of himself. Julie consents, but after two long years and without a wedding date in sight, she meets and impulsively marries Michael, a charismatic writer.

However, Julie soon finds out that her new husband (Alan Marshal) is a loafer who is more interested in partying than supporting his family. Things then go from bad to worse when Michael is accidentally killed (at a party), leaving Julie and her daughter penniless and stranded in Paris.

But her Aunt William (Dame May Whitty) hasn’t given up hope that Julie could rekindle her romance with Ives and provides her with enough money to come back home to Vermont. Will Julie’s arrival be enough to blunt the attentions of a young co-ed (Louise Platt) who has intentions of marrying Ives herself?

Producer Walter Wanger brought Allene Corliss’ novel Summer Lightning to the big screen in 1938 as I Met My Love Again, directed by Arthur Ripley and Joshua Logan. It would be the motion picture debut for Logan, a celebrated stage director (whose early theatrical productions starred Fonda and his pal James Stewart) who wouldn’t receive credit on another film until 1955.

I Met My Love Again also served as the cinematic debut of actress Louise Platt (whom Wanger would later cast in Stagecoach), in addition to offering an excellent showcase for such favorites such as Dame May Whitty and a young Tim Holt. Above all, it’s the luminescent teaming of Henry Fonda and Joan Bennett in a film that will be a favorite of those who believe love triumphs over all!

STAND-IN (1937) Sneak Peek at Cover Art

Here's a sneak peak at the cover art for our upcoming restoration of the Hollywood send-up STAND-IN (1937) starring Leslie Howard and Joan Blondell & featuring Humphrey Bogart in his first sympathetic role.