Hitchcock Singles in February

Taking a page from the "How to Irritate Customers and Still Hope They'll Buy Your Product" handbook, **MGM** has announced the release of four singles that were just released as exclusives to the Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection.

The four singles below will street on February 10th. Each will retail for $19.98, but can be purchased at ClassicFlix.com for only $14.99.

Coming Soon: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Man Hunt

No, you're not imagining things if you think the studios are lagging lately in their classic film DVD output. It seems only Warner has kept an acceptable pace over the last couple of months. However, great news regarding some upcoming **Fox** releases.

According to Foxclassics.com, some much anticipated films are coming soon to DVD including Elia Kazan's heart-wrenching drama A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945). Also expected is the Fritz Lang thriller Man Hunt (1941) and the bio-pic Stars and Stripes Forever (1952).

Also listed are two titles already released on DVD, so the new versions will probably be either upgrades or special editions. They are The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) and The Robe (1953).

Release dates are not specified so stay tuned...

Magnificent Obsession (1935 / 1954) in January

**Criterion** has announced a January 20th release date for the 1935 and 1954 versions of Magnificent Obsession. The focus of the 2-disc set is the Wyman / Hudson version, but also welcome is the 1935 Irene Dunne / Robert Taylor which has never been released on any home video format.

It will retail for $39.95, but is available at Classicflix.com for only $29.99. Details below.

Reckless playboy Bob Merrick (Rock Hudson, in his breakthrough role) crashes his speedboat, requiring emergency attention from the town’s only resuscitator -- at the very moment that beloved local Dr. Phillips has a heart attack and dies waiting for the life-saving device. Thus begins one of Douglas Sirk’s most flamboyant master classes in melodrama, a delirious Technicolor mix of the sudsy and the spiritual in which Bob and the doctor’s widow, Helen (Jane Wyman), find themselves inextricably linked to one another amid a series of increasingly wild twists, turns, trials, and tribulations.

  • Audio commentary featuring film scholar Thomas Doherty
  • Douglas Sirk: From UFA to Hollywood (1991): a rare 80-minute documentary by German filmmaker Eckhart Schmidt in which Sirk reflects upon his career
  • Video interviews with filmmakers Allison Anders and Kathryn Bigelow, paying tribute to Sirk
  • Theatrical trailer
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring a new essay by critic Geoffrey O’Brien

POSTPONED: Ulysses (1954)

Without any explanation, **Lions Gate** has removed the Kirk Douglas film Ulysses (1954) from their schedule. No reasons were given and no future release date has been set.

Steve Canyon, Vol. 1 in November

On the heels of their "Best of" DVD, the **Milton Caniff Estate** has announced a November 18th release date for Steve Canyon, Vol. 1. Likely a 3 disc set, it will contain the first 12 episodes with two more volumes to complete the series expected within the next six months.

It is available for rent, but at this time can only be purchased directly from the Milton Caniff Estate.

Episode List Below. Add Series to Queue

This Official Collector's DVD will contain the first 12 episodes of the series for the first time in their correct running order (some with commentary tracks) plus a few selected nifty extras.

In this set:
  • Operation Towline (originally aired 09/13/58)
  • Operation Zero Launch (originally aired 09/27/58)
  • Operation Thunderbirds (originally aired 09/20/58)
  • Project Heartbeat (originally aired 10/04/58)
  • Fear of Flying (originally aired 11/01/58)
  • Operation Jettison (originally aired 10/11/58)
  • Project U.F.O. (originally aired 05/19/59)
  • Pilot Error (originally aired 12/31/58)
  • Operation Moby Dick (originally aired 11/08/58)
  • Operation Survival (originally aired 10/25/58)
  • Operation Diplomat (originally aired 12/27/58)
  • Operation Firebee (originally aired 06/02/59)
Although some of these shows have later airdates, this is the actual "production order" of the shows, in other words, the order in which they were made, which (after careful scrutiny) is the only order that makes sense for our release. They were originally pretty much all shown out of order (ruining whatever little continuity they were trying to establish) so this now becomes the official running order.

Daniel Boone - Season 6 in November

After over a year delay, **Liberation Entertainment** has announced Daniel Boone - Season 6 (the final season) for release on November 18th. The 7 disc set will retail for $49.95, but is available at Classicflix.com for only $31.99.

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MGM: When the Lion Roars Documentary in January

**Warner** has announced a January 20th release date for their MGM: When the Lion Roars .

The 3-part documentary is a 6 hour look into the history of MGM studio. The 2-disc DVD set will retail for $29.98, but is available at Classicflix.com for only $23.99.

On April 24, 1924 the movies changed forever: the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio opened and soon assembled "more stars than there are in the heavens." Patrick Stewart hosts this enthralling Emmy winner as Best Informational Series, a 3-part story of MGM's reign as Hollywood's class act and legendary entertainment empire. Bursting with memorable film clips, rare interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and insider info, this is a mother lode for film fans, profiling perfectionist moguls, glamorous and charismatic actors, innovative filmmakers and landmark movies. Experience the dramatic and romantic fire, singing and dancing magic, and sweeping epic adventure of Hollywood's greatest studio in this must-have 2-Disc DVD Set.

Funny Face & Breakfast at Tiffany's S.E.'s in January

Following last month's announcement about the debut of their Centennial Collection, **Paramount** has announced titles #4 and 5 in the series: Funny Face (1954) and Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).

Due out on January 13th, each 2 Disc set is filled with Bonus Features (most of which were on the original single disc versions with new ones marked "NEW"). They will retail for $24.99, but are available at ClassicFlix.com for only $17.99. However, for 3 days only (until October 11th), we'll have them for the SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE of $14.98.

Details below.

Funny Face (1954)
  • Kay Thompson: "Think Pink " NEW
  • This is VistaVision NEW
  • Snapshot: A Day in the Life of a Fashion Photographer NEW
  • Fashion Photographers Exposed NEW
  • Photo Gallery
  • The Fashion Designer and His Muse
  • Parisian Dreams
  • Behind the Gates: A.C. Lyles Remembers Cecil B. Demille NEW
  • Paramount in the '50s
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Galleries
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

  • Commentary: Commentary by Producer Richard Shepherd
  • A Golightly Gathering NEW
  • Henry Mancini: More Than Music NEW
  • Mr. Yunioshi: An Asian Perspective NEW
  • Featurette: The Making of a Classic
  • Featurette: It's So Audrey: A Style Icon
  • Featurette: Brilliance in a Blue Box
  • Featurette: Audrey's Letter to Tiffany
  • Behind the Gates: The Tour NEW
  • Trailers: Original Theatrical Trailer

Waterloo Bridge and More Warner in January

**Warner Home Video** has announced a January 27th release date for four titles: Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969), Far From the Madding Crowd (1967), The Yellow Rolls Royce (1965) and the much anticipated Waterloo Bridge (1940).

More details here.

Warner Romance Collection in January - SPECIAL 3 DAY PRICE

**Warner** has announced a January 27th release date for their Warner Bros. Romance Classics Collection. The titles include Parrish (1961), Susan Slade (1961), Rome Adventure (1962) and Palm Springs Weekend (1964).

More details here.

Sony to Re-Issue Four Capra DVDs

**Sony** will re-package four Capra films for release in December. Although they are listed as "Remastered", they will just be re-issues of the previous releases (The Capra Set from 2006, and the various singles).

The films are:
  • Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  • You Can’t Take it With You
  • It Happened One Night
American Madness, which should be a natural for release as a single, is not in the plans. Apparently, the only thing different with these singles will be the cover art.

We will not carry the re-issues.