KINO: Jerry Lewis, Captain Marvel & More Arrive on Blu in September

Kino has announced September 12th as the release date for the Jerry Lewis comedy Visit to a Small Planet (1960) making its DVD and Blu-ray debut.

Also arriving on the same date is the sci-fi serial Tobor the Great, arriving for the first time on Blu and receiving an upgrade DVD.

Kino will also debut a Blu-Ray of the superhero serial Adventures of Captain Marvel. The complete twelve-episode series originally premiered in 1941 and arrived on DVD in 2008. Captain Marvel arrives on September 19th.

CRITERION: Vampyr Arrives on Blu-Ray in October

Criterion announced Carl Dreyer's Vampyr will debut on Blu-Ray in October with an upgraded DVD.

The German language horror film originally dropped on DVD in 2008 via Criterion.

Like its previous Criterion release the DVD will be a two-disc set while the Blu will be a single disc. Bonus features are below.

Vampyr arrives on October 3rd.

Lost Horizon Debuts on Blu in October

Sony has announced an October 3rd street date for the Blu-Ray debut of Frank Capra's Lost Horizon in honor of its 80th-anniversary. 

Originally released on DVD in 1999, this new Blu-ray will boast a 4K restoration and a 24-page book with rare archival photographs. There's no word if the DVD will be upgraded.

Final artwork is forthcoming.