OLIVE: Dance With Me, Henry Debuts on Blu in April

Olive Films has announced an April 21st release date for the Blu-Ray debut of Abbott and Costello's final teaming, the 1956 comedy Dance With Me, Henry. Click here for details.

BLU CRITERION: Make Way for Tomorrow and Limelight in May

Criterion has scheduled May 19th as the street date for the Blu-Ray debuts of Leo McCarey's Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) and Charlie Chaplin's Limelight (1952). Click here for details.

Two Volume Stooges Collection Comes to Blu in April

Mill Creek has announced April 12th as the release date for volumes 1 and 2 of their Three Stooges Triple Feature Collection on Blu-Ray. Click here for details.

French Serial, The House of Mystery, Debuts on DVD in April

Flicker Alley has announced a release date of April 7th for the French serial The House of Mystery (also known as La Maison du mystère). Click here for details.