OLIVE: No Man's Woman and Flying Disc Man Arrive in October

Olive Films has announced an October 27th release date for the DVD and Blu-Ray debut of the 1955 crime drama No Man's Woman. Click here for details.

WARNER ARCHIVE: Murder, My Sweet Debuts on Blu With Other New Releases

Seven new-to-DVD releases have been announced by Warner as part of their Archive Collection, including the arrival of the legendary film noir Murder, My Sweet (1944) on Blu-Ray. Click here for details.

TIMELESS: Gene Autry, Volume 12 Set for November

Timeless Media has set November 17th as the release date for the lastest Gene Autry movie collection, Gene Autry Collection, Volume 12. Click here for details.

My Fair Lady 50th Anniversary Edition Available in October

Paramount has announced October 27th as the new release date for their 50th Anniversary Edition of My Fair Lady (1964). Click here for details.

Mary Martin's Peter Pan Debuts on DVD and Blu-Ray

Video Artists Int'l has announced August 25th as the release date for the television adaptation of Mary Martin's Peter Pan. Click here for details.

COLUMBIA CLASSICS: The Deadline Arrives on DVD

Sony's Columbia Classics debuts the Buck Jones Western The Deadline (1931) on DVD for the first time. Click here for details.