Yee-Ha! Fox and MGM Westerns in May! Garden of Evil & More!

**Fox** and **MGM** are rolling out the Westerns in May! All are new to DVD except The Westerner (which was released by HBO 10 years ago and is very rare) and The Big Trail. More details to come...

From Fox - May 20th
The Big Trail (1930) - Special Edition??? Retail: $19.98 Our: $14.99
Fox Classics Western Collection - Looks like a 3-disc set, but we're waiting further specs and price confirmation.
  • Rawhide (1951)
  • Gunfighter (1950)
  • Garden of Evil (1954)
From MGM - May 13th (All retail for $14.98, but can be purchased at for only $10.99)
The Way West (1967)
Man With the Gun (1955)
Man of the West (1958)
Gunfight at Dodge City (1959)
Day of the Outlaw (1959)
The Westerner (1940)
Navajo Joe (1966)

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