Huge Tyrone Power Set in July - 3 DAY SPECIAL PRICE

**Fox ** has announced a July 29th release date for The Tyrone Power Collection, Vol. 2. This spectacular five disc DVD set will feature 10 NEW TO DVD films and is a great bargain too retailing at $49.98. It is available at for only $37.99, however, for 3 days only (until March 30th), we'll have it for the SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE of $33.99. More details to follow...

Titles (Not Available as Singles):
  • Cafe Metropole (1937)
  • Girls Dormitory (1936)
  • Johnny Apollo (1940)
  • Daytime Wife (1939)
  • Luck of the Irish (1948)
  • I'll Never Forget You (1951)
  • That Wonderful Urge (1948)
  • Love is News (1937)
  • This Above All (1942)
  • Second Honeymoon (1937)
Stars include:

Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, Herbert Marshall, Don Ameche, Gene Tierney, Lloyd Nolan, Linda Darnell, George Sanders, Ann Blyth, Thomas Mitchell, Adolphe Menjou, Ruth Chatterton, Simone Simon, Warren William, Dorothy Lamour, Edward Arnold, Lionel Atwill, Joan Davis, Lee J. Cobb, Jayne Meadows, Joan Fontaine, Claire Trevor and Gladys Cooper.

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