Classic British Thrillers in July - 3 DAY SPECIAL PRICE

**MPI Home Video**, a small distributor responsible for such DVD releases as Becket (1964) and The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection has announced a July 29th release date for its Classic British Thrillers Collection. This single disc release will feature three films previously unavailable on any home video format - The Phantom Light (1935), Red Ensign (1935) and The Upturned Glass (1947). It will retail for $24.98, but is available at for only $19.99. However, for 3 days only (until April 24th), we'll have it for the SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE of $16.99. Stars include James Mason and Leslie Banks with 2 of the 3 directed by a young Michael Powell. Details Below.

The Phantom Light (1935)
Michael Powell directed this creepy quota quickie before his success with the Academy Award winning Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes and the cult classic Peeping Tom. The disappearance of two lighthouse keepers stationed on the desolate coast of Wales is linked to the specter of a rogue beacon that lures freight ships to their destruction on the rocks. Gordon Harker (Alfred Hitchcock’s The Ring) and Binnie Hale (Love from a Stranger) star as bickering sleuths who must solve the mystery of “The Phantom Light” or become its next victims!

Red Ensign (1935)
This fact-based expose of corruption and sabotage in the British shipping industry is another early work from acclaimed director Michael Powell. With England’s commercial fleet in decline, idealistic shipbuilder David Barr (The Most Dangerous Game’s Leslie Banks) conceives a radical new design to revolutionize the industry. Denied capital to proceed by his firm’s board of directors, Barr funds the project himself, attracting the support of a beautiful heiress and the attention of a ruthless rival who will stop at nothing, even murder, to obtain Barr’s top secret design.

The Upturned Glass
Before he was a multiple Academy Award nominee, James Mason (Lolita) starred as a surgeon turned sleuth in this absorbing revenge thriller. After sparing the eyesight of a young patient, Dr. Michael Joyce falls in love with the girl’s grateful mother, Emma Wright (Rosamund John), whose husband has been absent for years. When her man returns unexpectedly, Emma reluctantly ends the affair, only to be killed in a mysterious fall. Using his surgical skills to trace the killer, Michael begins his own investigation but has no intention of handing the murderer over to the police.


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