The Day the Earth Stood Still (Special Edition) in December

**Fox** has announced an December 2nd release date for The Day the Earth Stood Still - Special Edition (1951). No details yet on disc count or if there will be any additional bonus features other than those in the 2003 release (bonus features from that release are below).

It will retail for $19.98, but is available at for only $14.99.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still - Special Edition (1951)
A spaceship lands in Washington, D.C., capturing the attention of the world. But the alien emissary (Michael Rennie) it brings refuses to reveal his mission to any single government, leaving the military, the politicians, and millions of ordinary people to wait in fear. Soon their distrust turns to calls for violence. But one young woman and her son (Patricia Neal, Billy Gray) befriend him...and soon realize that they may be all that stands between the human race and total destruction.

Bonus features are not yet announced. Below are the bonus features from the original 2003 release:

  • Audio Commentary By Robert Wise and Nicolas Meyer
  • 70-Minute Making the Earth Stand Still Documentary
  • Movietone Newsreel (1951)
  • Restoration Comparison
  • 5 Still Galleries
  • Shooting Script
  • Theatrical Trailer

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