Steve Canyon, Vol. 1 in November

On the heels of their "Best of" DVD, the **Milton Caniff Estate** has announced a November 18th release date for Steve Canyon, Vol. 1. Likely a 3 disc set, it will contain the first 12 episodes with two more volumes to complete the series expected within the next six months.

It is available for rent, but at this time can only be purchased directly from the Milton Caniff Estate.

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This Official Collector's DVD will contain the first 12 episodes of the series for the first time in their correct running order (some with commentary tracks) plus a few selected nifty extras.

In this set:
  • Operation Towline (originally aired 09/13/58)
  • Operation Zero Launch (originally aired 09/27/58)
  • Operation Thunderbirds (originally aired 09/20/58)
  • Project Heartbeat (originally aired 10/04/58)
  • Fear of Flying (originally aired 11/01/58)
  • Operation Jettison (originally aired 10/11/58)
  • Project U.F.O. (originally aired 05/19/59)
  • Pilot Error (originally aired 12/31/58)
  • Operation Moby Dick (originally aired 11/08/58)
  • Operation Survival (originally aired 10/25/58)
  • Operation Diplomat (originally aired 12/27/58)
  • Operation Firebee (originally aired 06/02/59)
Although some of these shows have later airdates, this is the actual "production order" of the shows, in other words, the order in which they were made, which (after careful scrutiny) is the only order that makes sense for our release. They were originally pretty much all shown out of order (ruining whatever little continuity they were trying to establish) so this now becomes the official running order.

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