Pillow Talk (50th Anniversary) in April

Pillow Talk (50th Anniversary Edition)
April 14th
Retail $19.98, Our: $14.99
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Universal has announced an April 14th release date for Pillow Talk (50th Anniversary Edition). This first pairing of Doris Day and Rock Hudson also co-stars Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter and Allen Jenkins.

It will retail for $19.98, but is available at ClassicFlix.com for only $14.99. The previous 2004 release contained no bonus features. Bonus features, including a commentary, for this release are listed below.

Rock Hudson and Doris Day light up the screen in the new 50th Anniversary Edition of Pillow Talk! This timeless romantic comedy tells the charming story of Jan Morrow (Day), an uptight interior decorator who must share a party line with laid-back playboy Brad Allen (Hudson). But the real connection is made when the two meet and he begins wooing her with late-night calls - while pretending to be someone else. Nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Actress, this enjoyable romp co-stars Tony Randall (TV’s "The Odd Couple") and features delightful new bonus material. Pillow Talk is the film that brought Rock Hudson and Doris Day together for the first time and is a dreamy addition to any DVD library!


  • Feature Commentary with Film Historian Jeff Bond, Julie Kirgo and Nick Redman
  • Chemistry 101: The Film Duo of Doris Day and Rock Hudson
  • Back in Bed With Pillow Talk
  • Theatrical Trailer


  1. Yay!!! I hope they do some remastering to it. The color is in dire need of some work.

  2. Raquelle,

    In a note from someone at the Studio this morning, it is the "same print used on the previous release which was remastered."