UNIVERSAL: Douglas Sirk Collection in September


Douglas Sirk Filmmaker Collection
September 30th
Thunder on the Hill (1951), Taza, Son of Cochise (1954), Captain Lightfoot (1955), The Tarnished Angels (1957)

Universal has listed its next TCM Vault release, the Douglas Sirk Filmmaker Collection, at TCM.com. It's scheduled to street on September 30th and can only be purchased at TCM.com.

And while this release may be exclusive to TCM, nowhere else will the films in this set be available for rent except at ClassicFlix.com.

Rock Hudson stars in 3 of the 4 films. Other stars include Claudette Colbert, Ann Blyth, Robert Stack, Dorothy Malone, Jack Carson, Gladys Cooper and Barbara Rush. Bonus features include those typical in TCM Vault sets: A Robert Osborne Intro, Publicity Stills, Scene Stills and Lobby Cards.

Recognized today as one of the most distinctive and influential directors of the 1950's, Douglas Sirk was rarely praised and often overlooked by critics during his years in Hollywood. His penchant for melodramatic storylines were accented by a baroque visual style, emotional intensity and lush production values.

Thunder on the Hill (1951)
A nun (Claudette Colbert) races against time to prove the innocence of a convicted murderess (Ann Blyth) who is being escorted to prison for a date with the gallows in Thunder on the Hill.

Based on the popular British play Bonaventure, this moody mystery serves up many twists and is distinguished by one of Claudette Colbert's most intriguing and least-known performances. In addition to Douglas Sirk's fast-paced direction, the film is enriched by Hans J. Salter's stirring dramatic score, a first rate supporting cast and the luminous black and white cinematography of William H. Daniels, who helped immortalize the screen personas of Greta Garbo and Norma Shearer during his MGM period.

Taza, Son of Cochise (1954)
The two sons of Apache leader Cochise (Jeff Chandler) have conflicting views of the white men who trepass on their land; Taza (Rock Hudson) argues for peaceful co-existence but his younger brother Naiche (Bart Roberts) joins Geronimo on the warpath. One of the few Westerns made in the 1950s that attempted to present a positive view of Native Americans, Taza, Son of Cochise was the second of eight movies that Rock Hudson made with director Douglas Sirk.

Filmed on location in Utah, the natural setting of the desert is one of the movie's many assets which is vividly captured by the glorious Technicolor cinematography.

Captain Lightfoot (1955)
Michael Martin (Rock Hudson) is a headstrong young patriot who has turned to highway robbery to support his country's cause against England during the Irish revolution. When he is taken under the wing of the famous rebel leader Captain Thunderbolt (Jeff Morrow), he soon finds himself second-in-command with a bounty on his head.

Filmed on location in Ireland, Captain Lightfoot features Rock Hudson in a versatile role that allows him to play an action hero with a wry sense of humor as well as a dashing ladies man.

The Tarnished Angels (1957)
Set in the 1930s Depression era during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, The Tarnished Angels covers three days in the lives of a trio of flying-circus performers, headlined by former WWI fighter-pilot hero Roger Shumann (Robert Stack) and his beautiful blonde wife, Laverne (Dorothy Malone). Romantic complications arise when newspaper reporter Burke Devlin (Rock Hudson) falls in love with Laverne while covering their daredevil aerial show.

Based on the William Faulkner novel Pylon, this screen adaptation was a personal favorite of director Douglas Sirk's and is considered by many to be a masterpiece equal to his Academy Award-winning Written on the Wind (1956), which also starred Hudson, Malone and Stack in the key roles.


  • Robert Osborne Introduction
  • Publicity Stills
  • Scene Stills
  • Lobby Cards

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