Crack in the World (Blu-Ray) in July

Crack in the World (Blu-Ray) (1965)
July 5th
Olive Films
Retail: 29.95, Our: $19.99
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The first Paramount title licensed by Olive Films to go Blu has been announced as Crack in the World (Blu-Ray) will be released on July 5th.

Retail will be $29.95, but it is available at for only $19.99. Bonus features are not expected.


  1. I'm loving the blog and the regular release updates. Keep them coming! I'm awarding you "the Sylish blogger" award. If you care to participate you can read the rules here:

    But, don't feel obligated. You are stylish regardless.

  2. Err! Still waiting on the DVD of Skidoo!

    I guess this means Crack in the World sold well on DVD, but many of the people that bought the DVD are now probably somewhat annoyed that they didn't just wait for the Blu-ray!

  3. Thanks Robby. I'll mull it over. BTW, I am a regular reader of yours and especially enjoy your then-and-now comparisons of film locations.

    Simon, no way to know as studios, even small ones, can be very tight lipped regarding motivations for releasing titles.