WARNER ARCHIVE: Esther Williams, Eleanor Powell & Hollywood Party

Two-and-a-half years into the Warner Archive program, and Warner is still releasing A-grade titles from their library.

Recent announcements from their deep catalog include the Harlow Collection and five Bette Davis titles. Now comes 10 new-to-DVD titles featuring Esther Williams, Eleanor Powell and the long overdue Hollywood Party (1934), among others. All will be available on December 27th.

Esther Williams' releases are Duchess of Idaho (1950) with Van Johnson; Texas Carnival (1951) with Red Skelton, Howard Keel and Ann Miller; and Skirts Ahoy! (1952) with Joan Evans, Vivian Blaine and Barry Sullivan.

Eleanor Powell gets things moving with Honolulu (1939) co-starring Robert Young and Burns & Allen; and Ship Ahoy (1942) with Red Skelton, Bert Lahr, Virginia O'Brien and Tommy Dorsey.

Hollywood Party (1934), the all-star comedy is "8 directors and 8 writers strong – wild, and wildly inconsistent but ever fun." Starring Jimmy Durante as "Schnarzan" and featuring Lupe Velez, Laurel & Hardy, Charles Butterworth, The Three Stooges, Robert Young, Arthur Treacher and many more.

Also out is the Tim Holt Western Collection, Vol. 3 featuring 10 more B westerns on 5 discs. Debbie Reynolds in The Affairs of Dobie Gillis (1953) also makes its DVD debut.

Lastly, the Three Stooges documentary The Lost Stooges is available as well as Warner's version of the public domain Swing Parade of 1946. --Note on Swing Parade: We usually only carry the best version of a film, but in Swing's case, we'll still carry the Legend version as it is colorized and comes with numerous bonus features.

Also, previously released on standard DVD, but now re-released as part of Warner's Archive collection are Good News (1947) and A Date with Judy (1948). Additionally, Give a Girl a Break (1953) gets a new remastered release.

These new DVDs add to the total of over 700 Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at ClassicFlix.com.

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