WARNER ARCHIVE: 6 More in Cagney & Bogart Wave

The well that is Warner's Vault is so deep that as we approach three years into the Archive program, there are still plenty of films with big name stars being released.

This week is no different as Warner has announced two James Cagney and an four Humphrey Bogart films for release on DVD. They are:

  • Taxi (1932) - James Cagney, Loretta Young, George E. Stone, Guy Kibbee
  • Frisco Kid (1935) - James Cagney, Margaret Lindsay, Ricardo Cortez, Lili Damita, Donald Woods
  • You Can't Get Away With Murder (1939) - Humphrey Bogart, Gale Page, Billy Halop, John Litel, Henry Travers
  • It All Came True (1940) - Ann Sheridan, Humphrey Bogart, Jeffrey Lynn, Zasu Pitts, Una O'Connor
  • Conflict (1945) - Humphrey Bogart, Alexis Smith, Sydney Greenstreet, Rose Hobart, Charles Drake
  • Chain Lightning (1950) - Humphrey Bogart, Eleanor Parker, Raymond Massey
All will be available at ClassicFlix on March 13th.

These new DVDs add to the total of over 800 Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at ClassicFlix.com.

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