Last December, Lionsgate announced plans to begin a MOD program releasing titles from its vast library of holdings.

Recently, and without any fanfare, they starting rolling out classic titles from their catalog. The first two out of the gate were previously released on DVD, but now out of print: The Cruel Sea (1953) and The Colditz Story (1955).

Now, the crime-thriller Brighton Rock (1947), featuring Richard Attenborough's chilling character Pinkie Brown gets its first offical U.S. release.

Although it is exclusively for sale at Amazon, nowhere else is it available to rent except here at

Adapted from the acclaimed Graham Greene novel, Brighton Rock stars Richard Attenborough in perhaps his most iconic on-screen role.

Pinkie is a small-time hoodlum running a protection racket at a Brighton racecourse. Following the murder of a visiting journalist, Pinkie becomes involved with Rose, a café waitress and potentially dangerous witness. Marrying her seems to ensure her silence, but events escalate and a trail of killings and double-crossings eventually lead to Pinkie's undoing and a thrilling and memorable climax.

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