Federal Men in July

Federal Men
July 31st
Film Chest
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Film Chest has announced the crime-drama series Federal Men set for release on July 31st.

The series, also known as Treasury Men in Action, had a five-year run with over 180 episodes and starred Walter Greaza.

The 3-disc set, with 16 episodes from season 5, will retail for $24.98, but is available at ClassicFlix.com for only $19.99. More details below.

Federal Men, which ran for five seasons (1950-55) on ABC, featured true government stories of fraud and deception. In each thrilling episode – based on real-life cases – “The Chief” (Walter Greaza, The Street With No Name) and his agents pursue counterfeiters, loan sharks, gamblers, bootleggers, swindlers, smugglers and confidence men.

Featuring a who’s-who of Hollywood, series guest stars included James Dean, Claude Atkins, Carolyn Jones and Ben Gazzara and more.

Episodes featured in this three-disc collection from the fifth and final season include:
  • The Case of the Man Outside
  • The Case of the Bad Bargain
  • The Case of the Black Sheep
  • The Case of the Little Tin Box
  • The Case of the Man Trap
  • The Case of the Gentleman Cheat
  • The Case of the Green Feathers
  • The Case of the Buried Treasure
  • The Case of the Princely Pauper
  • The Case of the Iron Curtain
  • The Case of the Man Next Door
  • The Case of the Tight Squeeze
  • The Case of the Leather Bags
  • The Case of the Chartered Chiseler
  • The Case of the Slippery Eel
  • The Case of the Steady Hand

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