NOIR: Pitfall (1948) in December

Pitfall (1948)
December 11th
Film Chest
Retail: $11.98, Our: $9.99
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The wait is now over for noir fans as Pitfall (1948), starring Dick Powell, Lizabeth Scott, Jane Wyatt and a creepy Raymond Burr, makes its DVD debut on December 11th.

Film Chest, the company that did a masterful job restoring The Red House as well as other neglected PD films, will retail the DVD for only $11.98. It is available at for just $9.99. Bonus features are not expected.

Dick Powell plays a returning World War II veteran who at first blush would seem to have everything going his way - a good marriage with a beautiful wife in Jane Wyatt and a healthy, energetic young son in Jimmy Hunt, along with a lovely home and a position as a Los Angeles insurance executive. Powell exhibits the restlessness that many returning servicemen experienced following the global military conflict. His penchant for excitement leads him into an extra-marital affair with blonde model Lizabeth Scott.

What propels Pitfall into the ranks of a chilling film noir drama is the appearance of a ruthless sociopath will to destroy all in his path to secure his objective, which in this case is possessing Liz Scot, body and soul. Corrupt private detective Raymond Burr overlooks the unyielding rebuff of Scott who detests him. Burr convinces himself that eventually her feelings will change. 

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