Fury - The Lost Episodes in January

Fury - The Lost Episodes
January 8th
Mill Creek
Retail: $9.98, Our: $8.99
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Mill Creek Entertainment has set a January 8th street date for Fury - The Lost Episodes. The 3-disc set will contain 23 episodes (18 of which are reportedly making their DVD debut).

Retail will be $9.98, but It is available at ClassicFlix.com for just $8.99.

Fury tells the heartfelt story of Joey, a young orphan boy who is taken in by Jim Newton, a recent widower and owner of the Broken Wheel ranch. The two soon become close when Jim introduces Joey to a wild horse named Fury - King of the Wild Stallions!

This Classic American Western television series aired on NBC from 1955-1960 and starred Peter Graves (TV's Mission: Impossible) as Jim Newton. Relive the excitement of Fury with Joey and his pals Pee Wee and Packy through 23 thrilling episodes! 
  • Joey Finds a Friend
  • Killer Stallion 
  • The Horse Coper 
  • Joey Goes Hunting 
  • Scorched Earth 
  • Joey Has Dame Trouble 
  • Joey and the Gypies 
  • Joey’s Father
  • Joey Saves the Day 
  • The 4-H Story 
  • Junior Rodeo 
  • Ghost Town 
  • The Hobo 
  • Tungsten Queen
  • Joey Sees It Through 
  • Stolen Fury
  • The Choice 
  • The Boy Scout Story 
  • Search for Joey 
  • The Miracle 
  • The Test 
  • Fury Runs to Win 
  • The Baby

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