WARNER ARCHIVE: Early 30's & War Dramas in Last Wave of 2012

A perfectly symmetrical set of 8 releases, four early 30's flix and four war dramas, make up Warner's last Archive Collection wave of 2012.

Early 30's:

  • God's Gift to Women (1931) - Frank Fay, Laura La Plante, Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Alan Mowbray, Louise Brooks & Dir. by Michael Curtiz
  • It's Tough to Be Famous (1932) - Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Mary Brian, Harold Minjir, Emma Dunn, Walter Catlett
  • Side Show (1931) - Winnie Lightner, Charles Butterworth, Evalyn Knapp, Donald Cook, Guy Kibbee
  • West of Broadway (1931) - John Gilbert, El Brendel, Lois Moran, Madge Evans, Ralph Bellamy
War Dramas:
  • Battle Zone (1952) - John Hodiak, Linda Christian, Stephen McNally, Martin Milner
  • Hitler (1962) - Richard Basehart, Cordula Trantow, Maria Emo, Martin Kosleck, John Banner
  • I Escaped from the Gestapo (1943) - Dean Jagger, John Carradine, Mary Brian, William Henry, Sidney Blackmer
  • Operation Eichmann (1961) - Werner Klemperer, Ruta Lee, Donald Buka, Barbara Turner, John Banner
All will be available here at ClassicFlix on January 8th.

These new DVDs add to the total of over 1,100 Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at ClassicFlix.com.

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