CLASSIC TV: Highway Patrol, Bat Masterson & Sea Hunt

With today's announcement, it's clear that TGG Direct is making an aggressive push to become a major player in DVD distribution of classic films and TV. TGG WHO you ask?

TGG Direct (The Garr Group), in business since 2006, initially waded in the public domain pool of releases. Not too long after, they licensed previously released MGM films and packaged them in double and triple features at very reasonable prices. Now, with what's out, and what's coming out, TGG is a label you'll want to keep in mind.

What's out? Well, we knew they were coming, but we didn't bake a cake. As with many PD company releases of TV shows, we purchase their product before we list it on our site. The reason? Too many smaller companies put out duplicate episodes with horrible quality prints.

This is not at all the case with the two shows TGG released on January 29th (Sea Hunt & Bat Masterson). From what we've seen, the quality is great and the sets (in our opinion) are undervalued with a retail price of just $24.96 (when in stock, we'll have them for $15.99).

So here is what was released last month that we have available for rent today. All four seasons of Sea Hunt and the first two (of three) seasons of Bat Masterson. Note: these are not best-of's and they are not MODS, but complete seasons on standard DVD's.
But wait, it gets better.

For those who have been waiting for MGM to continue the crime drama series Highway Patrol, TGG has answered the call with not just Season 2, but also completing the series on DVD with Seasons 3 and 4.
They will street on April 2nd and retail for $24.96, but they are available here at ClassicFlix for only $15.99 each.

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