UNIVERSAL: 10 Classic Westerns Collection

Universal Classic Westerns
March 12th
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Next week, Universal Classic Westerns from Universal is scheduled to street.

There is nothing new in the set, but it includes 10 great Westerns on 3 discs for the low retail price of $14.98. Details below.

NOTE: The DVD's are not two-sided (DVD-18's), but single sided DVD-9's. 

Universal is proud to present 10 classic Westerns from the Golden Age of Hollywood in this 3-disc set.


When the Daltons Rode (1940, 81 min.)
Randolph Scott, Brian Donlevy and Broderick Crawford give career-defining performances in this rousing Western classic based on the legend of the notorious Dalton gang.

When young lawyer Tod Jackson (Scott) arrives in pioneer-era Kansas, he learns his rancher friends, Grat and Bob Dalton (Donlevy and Crawford), are in danger of losing their land in a crooked development deal. Jackson tries to help them, but a fake murder charge turns the Daltons into outlaws. Now, Jackson is trapped between duty to his friends and obligation to the law in this action-filled adventure co-starring Kay Francis, George Bancroft and Andy Devine.

Texas Rangers Ride Again (1940, 68 min.)
To investigate ranch foreman Joe Yuma’s (Anthony Quinn) cattle rustling racket, Texas Ranger Jim Kingston (John Howard) poses as a fugitive outlaw to infiltrate the crooked gang.

The Spoilers (1942, 87 min.)
John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich and Randolph Scott shine in this all-star adventure classic about gold and greed in an Alaskan boomtown during the 1890s. When honest ship captain Roy Glennister (Wayne) gets swindled out of his mine claim, he turns to seductive saloon singer Cherry Malotte (Dietrich) for assistance in his battle with no-good town kingpin Alexander McNamara (Scott). It's an adventure as wild as the Northwest Territory itself, featuring an all-out fight to the finish between Wayne and Scott that's considered one of the most spectacular action sequences ever filmed!

The Virginian (1946, 90 min.)
Based on the best-selling love story of the West, The Virginian stars Joel McCrea as a local ranch hand who risks losing his best friend and the woman he loves when forced into a showdown with ruthless cattle thieves.

When Molly Wood (Barbara Britton), a well-educated Easterner, arrives in a small Wyoming town to be the new schoolteacher, the Virginian (McCrea) and his best friend, Steve (Sonny Tufts), immediately vie for her affection. Against the warnings of his friend, Steve falls in with the corrupt Trampas' (Brian Donlevy) gang and is caught cattle rustling. The Virginian must choose between their friendship or upholding the severe laws of the West.


Albuquerque (1948, 91 min.)
Randolph Scott gives a stunning performance in this tale of greed and revenge in the Wild West. When Cole Armin (Scott) comes to Albuquerque to work for his successful Uncle John, he soon learns that the family business is out to eliminate any local competition.

Tiring of his uncle's underhanded tactics, Cole switches to a rival operation run by Ted Wallace and his sister Celia. But Cole soon learns John Armin is not a man to be crossed as the trio must fight for their business, and their lives, against his uncle's ruthless henchman, Juke Murkil (Lon Chaney Jr.), in this thrill packed Western.

Whispering Smith (1948, 89 min.)
Film legend Alan Ladd heads up a superior cast in this riveting, heart-pounding tale of crime and punishment. Luke "Whispering" Smith (Ladd) is a by-the-book, no-nonsense railroad detective who learns his friend, Murray Sinclair (Robert Preston) , has been fired from his railroad job. Seeking vengeance, Sinclair begins helping outlaw Barney Rebstock (Donald Crisp) wreck trains. Now, Smith must find and bring his old friend to justice... at any cost, in this suspenseful adventure filled with pistol-packing action.

Comanche Territory (1950, 76 min.)
Jim Bowie’s (Macdonald Carey) mining rights negotiation gets complicated when a beautiful saloon owner (Maureen O’Hara) rouses the local townsfolk.


Sierra (1950, 83 min.)
Ring Hassard (Audie Murphy) and his father Jeff (Dean Jagger) live in a hidden valley in the mountains where they capture and tame wild horses. When Ring comes to the rescue of Riley Martin (Wanda Hendrix), a woman lawyer who has lost her way on the trail, it leads to a romance between them but also opens an investigation into Jeff's shadowy past and accusations of murder.

The Hassards encounter more trouble when a gang of horse thieves led by Big Matt Rango (Richard Rober) steal from them and then polot to kill them before justice is served. Wanda Hendrix, who was married to Audie Murphy at the time, makes a fetching heroine and Sierra is notable fore an early appearance by Tony Curtis in a villainous role and a colorful performance by Burl Ives who performs several Western ballads including "Drift Along" and "Hideaway."

Kansas Raiders (1950, 81 min)
Jesse James (Audie Murphy) and his brothers join William Quantrill (Brian Donlevy) and his vengeful raiders in an effort to save the Confederacy.

Tomahawk (1951, 82 min.)
Van Heflin stars as the legendary Indian sympathizer Jim Bridger in Tomahawk.

When the U.S. government decides to build a wagon route to Montana's gold in 1866, they must run through the middle of the Sioux hunting grounds. Bridger fights for justice and territorial rights for the Sioux Indians, which leads to full-scale conflict between the cavalry and Indians.

Featuring a strong supporting case including Yvonne De Carlo as a traveling wagon-show singer, Alex Nicol as a prejudiced lieutenant, Preston Foster and Rock Hudson as other members of the cavalry, and Susan Cabot as a Cheyenne woman, this Technicolor classic boasts superb scenery and action on a grand scale.

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