FOX ARCHIVES: 7 in Jane Withers Wave

Jane Withers gets her own wave with seven of her films coming out on April 30th.

They are:
  • Chicken Wagon Family (1939) - Leo Carrillo, Marjorie Weaver, Spring Byington, Kane Richmond
  • The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935) - Janet Gaynor, Henry Fonda, Charles Bickford, Slim Summerville, Andy Devine
  • Golden Hoofs (1941) - Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Kay Aldridge, George Irving
  • High School (1940) - Joe Brown Jr., Paul Harvey, Lloyd Corrigan, Cliff Edwards
  • Little Miss Nobody (1936) - Jane Darwell, Ralph Morgan, Sara Haden, Harry Carey
  • Paddy O'Day (1935) - Pinky Tomlin, Rita Hayworth, Jane Darwell
  • Rascals (1938) - Rochelle Hudson, Robert Wilcox
Part of the Fox Cinema Archives line, they can be found in the recent additions section.

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