WARNER: Charlie Chan Collection in August


Charlie Chan Collection
August 6th
Warner Home Video
Retail $39.92, Our: $29.99
Shadows Over Chinatown (1946), Docks of New Orleans (1948), Shanghai Chest (1948), The Golden Eye (1948)
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Warner has announced an August 6th release date for their 4-disc Charlie Chan Collection.

The studio's first non-MOD, new-to-DVD release of the year will retail for $39.92, but it's available at ClassicFlix.com for only $29.99. Bonus features are not expected.

Shadows Over Chinatown (1946)
Charlie Chan heads to San Francisco on a murder case when he encounters a mother trying to find her daughter who’s gone missing. Chan also meets a young man, searching for his missing girlfriend. Charlie determines they’re both looking for the same person and soon uncovers a murder gang, which has been illegally benefiting from life insurance of the dead.

Docks of New Orleans (1948)
Charlie is asked to investigate after the mysterious demise of a New Orleans chemical company magnate, because even though the police believe the death was caused by a heart attack, a series of unexplainable deaths follow. Only Charlie Chan can solve the mystery!

Shanghai Chest (1948)
Three people are murdered in San Francisco – a judge, District Attorney and a juror. The fingerprints of a deceased man are found at all three murder sites, but could it really be possible for a dead man to be a serial killer? Again, leave it to Charlie Chan..!

The Golden Eye (1948)
An Arizona gold mine is suddenly making a ton of money. The mine’s owner, instead of delighting in his newfound wealth, confides to Charlie that something is wrong and he fears for his life. Charlie and “friends” go to the mine, pretending to be just visitors. They soon discover that the mine is being used as a cover up for some major crimes and that, indeed, somebody will soon be murdered. 

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