The Fly (Blu-Ray) in September

The Fly (Blu-Ray)
September 10th
20th Century Fox
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Fox has set a September 10th release date for The Fly (Blu-Ray).

Released on DVD in 2007 in a special 4-disc set that included the two sequels and a bonus disc, this HD upgrade of the 1958 film includes most of the previous bonus features from that set (below).

Experimental scientist Andre Delambre (David Hedison) attempts to transfer matter through a space, using himself as the test subject. But things go horrifically wrong when a house fly buzzes into the machine, resulting in two grotesque man-fly hybrids - one of them being Andre! Now with the head of a fly and a wing in place of one of his arms, Andre, desperately hopes that he, his wife Helene (Patricia Owens) and his brother Francois (Vincent Price) can capture the other mutant – the human-headed, one-armed fly – in hopes of reversing the experiment!


  • Audio Commentary with Actor David Hedison and Film Historian David Del Valle
  • Vincet Price Biography Documentary
  • Vincent Price Featurette Fly Trap: Catching a Classic
  • Fox Movietone News

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