Ripcord - Complete Series Now Available

TGG direct is following their recent successes of Sea Hunt, Bat Masterson and Highway Patrol, with releasing the complete series of Ripcord in two sets: Ripcord - Season 1 and Ripcord - Season 2.

The action-adventure series ran for 76 episodes (1961-1963) and stars Larry Pennell and Ken Curtis.

Larry Pennell and Ken Curtis star in this action-adventure TV Series that followed the new introductory sport of skydiving in the 1960s. Ripcord was considered the most danger-packed show on television. Every jump, aerial maneuver was real and photographed just as it happened, without ricks or illusions.

On assignment from businesses, government and private citizens, skydivers McKeever and Buckley plunge thousands of feet through the air for rescues, manhunts and scientific investigations.

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