Family Affair - Season 4 in October

**MPI Home Video** has announced an October 30th release date for Family Affair - Season 4. The set will retail for $39.98, but is available at for only $29.99.

Note: If you think you're looking at the same box art as season's one through three -- you're right. All MPI did was change the background color.

Family Affair Season 4 contains 25 episodes on 5 discs, including the two-part "Family Paradise" and never-before-seen bonus features.

Family Affair was a popular situation comedy and a regular top 20 hit show produced by Don Fedderson Productions for CBS-TV during its five-year run from 1966-71. Brian Keith stars as bachelor Bill Davis, a highly-paid engineering consultant who lives in a posh Manhattan apartment with his proper English manservant, Mr. Giles French (Sebastian Cabot). Davis' carefree existence is turned upside down when his brother and sister-in-law die suddenly in a tragic plane accident, leaving their three children orphaned. Davis becomes an instant father figure to six year-old twins, Buffy and Jody (Anissa Jones, Johnny Whitaker) and their big sister, Cissy (Kathy Garver).

Bonus Features Include:

  • A Conversation with Johnny Whitaker

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