Shameless Plug #1

I've named this #1 in anticipation of more to follow...

You may be unaware of several ways to follow our blog postings. Below are several options.

1. We just added a "Follower" option in the sidebar. This allows you to easily add us to your Google dashboard or Google reader (each are a very simple way to get updates on various sources all in one place). You can add yourself anonymously if you like and always keep up to date with every post. Just click "Follow this blog."

2. Another way is to subscribe to our blog via a "feed." Below is an example of how our content is available on an iGoogle homepage (they may not know it, but Google has made me a customer for life because of the brilliance of iGoogle.) For those that don't know what it is, iGoogle is a completely customizable home page that allows you to add content (widgets, gadgets) from thousands of sites.

You can easily add The ClassicFlix blog by selecting the feed of your choice under the "Subscribe" header.

Click to enlarge.

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