More Warner Archive Titles

Fifteen more titles have been announced by Warner as part of their Warner Archive Collection. A lot of Katharine Hepburn and Randolph Scott in this wave with all but one being pre-1950 releases. The complete list is below.

As far as having them for rent, I want to thank everyone for their patience. WE WILL have them for rent, but dealing with WBshop has been a very painful process. Worse than pulling teeth, trying to get a very large order shipped that was placed over three weeks ago has been more like trying to pull teeth, in the dark, with tweezers on a hippopotamus.

Because of this, we have cancelled our large order and have started placing smaller orders that should start shipping this week. We will make an announcement when the first wave are in the database and available for rent.

  • Break of Hearts (1935)
  • Carson City (1952)
  • Christopher Strong (1933)
  • Having Wonderful Time (1938)
  • Joy of Living (1938)
  • The Little Minister (1934)
  • Luxury Liner (1948)
  • The Mad Miss Manton (1938)
  • Meet the People (1944)
  • Quality Street (1937)
  • Return of the Bad Men (1948)
  • Spitfire (1934)
  • Thousands Cheer (1943)
  • Trail Street (1947)
  • A Woman Rebels (1936)

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