VCI: British Cinema Collection - Crime & Noir in June


British Cinema - Crime and Noir
June 30th
Retail $29.99, Our: $19.99
Blackout (1950), Bond of Fear (1956), Home To Danger (1951), Meet Mr. Callaghan (1954), No Trace (1950) and Recoil (1953)
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VCI has announced a June 30th release date for British Cinema - Crime and Noir. It will contain: Blackout (1950), Bond of Fear (1956), Home To Danger (1951), Meet Mr. Callaghan (1954), No Trace (1950) and Recoil (1953).

This set follows British Cinema Collection, Vol. 1 released last September as a "Classic B" collection and today's release of British Cinema Collection, Vol. 2 which is a "Comedy" collection. At least thus far, this Crime and Noir set has not been mentioned as Volume 3, but we'll keep you posted.

The 2-disc set will retail for $29.99, but is available at for only $19.99. Bonus features are not expected.



Blackout (1950, 73 min.)
In this tight little crime film directed by Robert S. Baker, a blind man’s (Maxwell Reed) sight is restored in time to solve the mystery of his girlfriend’s dead (or is he) brother and a gang of smugglers.

Bond of Fear (1956, 72 min.)
A man and his family on a caravan holiday in France are taken hostage by an escaped convict.

Home To Danger (1951, 66 min.)
A drug dealer tries to kill his partner’s daughter, when she inherits an old house.


Meet Mr. Callaghan (1954, 88 min.)
Based on a Peter Cheyney novel, Slim Callaghan (Derrick De Marney), is required to solve the death of a much-hated rich man.

No Trace (1950, 75 min.)
Crime novelist (Hugh Sinclair) kills blackmailer and pretends to help police.

Recoil (1953, 79 min.)
Jean Talbot poses as a crook to infiltrate the gang who killed her father.

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