The Jerry Lewis Show in November

The Jerry Lewis Show Collection
November 17th
Retail: $29.98, Our: $20.99
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Infinity Entertainment has announced a November 17th release date for The Jerry Lewis Show Collection. The 2-disc set will have over 10 hours of "best of" highlights cut from 13 episodes. No word if any full episodes will be included. Guest stars and synopsis are below.

Retail will be $29.98, but it's available at for only $20.99.

Just the name brings a smile to your face -- if not an outright guffaw. The pioneering, slapstick comedy of Jerry Lewis has earned him the moniker of world's funniest funnyman. Now on DVD for the first time ever are the hilarious "best of" highlights from 13 episodes of The Jerry Lewis Show, which aired on NBC from 1967-69.

Not seen in the U.S. since its original NBC broadcast, Jerry is surrounded by a who's who of Hollywood's comic royalty and is at his best in the side-splitting classic character portrayals that made him a legendary comedy chameleon.All Jerry portrays Sidney Portnoy, a nebbish and Jerry's alter ego; Professor Frobisher; Oriental criminologist Inspector Sam Lichee; Sergeant Goodguy of the Mounties; a professional scoutmaster to the Osmond Brothers; hospital orderly; archaeologist; thief; cowboy; country bumpkin; and city slicker, among many more.

Guest stars include: The Osmond Brothers, Flip Wilson, Don Rickles, Joey Heatherton, Janet Leigh, Shirley Jones, Audrey Meadows, Lynn Redgrave, Barbara Feldon, Nanette Fabray, Imogene Coca, Ben Gazzara, Richard Kileya and Laurence Harvey.

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