KINO: The General (Blu-Ray) in November

The General (Blu-Ray)
November 10th
Retail $34.95 Our: $24.99
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Released last year by Kino in a 2-disc Ultimate Collector's Edition, Buster Keaton's masterpiece The General is now set for a November 10th release date for its Blu-Ray debut.

And if the spectacluar restoration on the U.C.E. done by Kino is any indication, the upcoming Blu release should be just as stunning.

It is expected to be a single disc release and it will carry over all the bonus features on the U.C.E. with no new ones anticipated.

The General (Blu-Ray) will retail for $34.95, but is available at for only $24.99.


Rejected by the Confederate army as unfit, and taken for a coward by his beloved Annabelle Lee (Marion Mack), young Johnny Gray (Keaton) is given a chance to redeem himself when Yankee spies steal his cherished locomotive. Johnny wages a one-man war against hijackers, an errant cannon and the unpredictable hand of fate while roaring along the iron rails. “Every shot has the authenticity and the unassuming correct composition of a Mathew Brady Civil War photograph,” wrote film historian David Robinson, “No one—not even Griffith or Huston and certainly not Fleming (Gone With the Wind) caught the visual aspect of the Civil War as Keaton did.”


  • Three musical scores to choose from:
    • Music composed and conducted by Carl Davis, performed by The Thames Silents Orchestra (in 5.1 Stereo Surround or 2.0 Stereo)
    • Music arranged and directed by Robert Israel
    • Theatre organ score by Lee Erwin
  • A video tour of the authentic General, presented in association with The Southern Museum
  • A tour of the filming locations, presented by John Bengtson, author of Silent Echoes
  • Behind-the-scenes home movie footage
  • Filmed introduction by Gloria Swanson
  • Filmed introduction by Orson Welles
  • “The Buster Express,” a brisk montage of train gags from throughout Keaton’s career

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