3 More Alice in Wonderland Releases

In addition to Universal's Alice in Wonderland (1933) coming out next Tuesday, three separate Alice in Wonderland releases are set to coincide with Tim Burton's upcoming Alice release.

The first from Infinity Entertainment, Alice Through the Looking Glass (TV, 1966), already streeted on February 9th. It is in color and stars Jimmy Durante, Nanette Fabray, Ricardo Montalban, Agnes Moorehead, Jack Palance, Tom Smothers, Dick Smothers, Judi Rolin, Roy Castle, Robert Coote and Richard Denning.

Also expected from Infinity on March 30th is Alice in Wonderland - Classic Film Collection. The main attraction on this 2-disc set is the previously unreleased silent Alice in Wonderland (1915) and two shorts from Walt Disney's Alice Comedies (although we don't know the actual shorts yet).

Out next Tuesday from BBC Warner is Alice in Wonderland (TV, 1966). The black-and-white BBC adaptation stars Anne-Marie Mallik, Peter Sellers, John Gielgud, Michael Redgrave, Jo Maxwell Muller, Alan Bennett, Finlay Currie, Leo McKern, and Peter Cook. It was formally released by Homevision, but is now out of print.

All three can also be found in the Recent Additions section.

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