WARNER ARCHIVE: Ensign Pulver (1964) Added

Ensign Pulver (1964) has been added at WBShop in the War and Peace sale section. The Warner Archive release is now available for rent at ClassicFlix, but may be approximately four weeks before it's available for shipment.

Sign on for a lighthearted , seeworthy oceangoing comedic voyage that begins where the classic Mister Roberts left off. Doug Roberts is gone, but feckless Frank Pulver (Robert Walker Jr.) remains to battle boredom aboard the World War II-era cargo ship Reluctant. His weapons range from a slingshot to a surgical scalpel. His target is the tyrannical captain (Burl Ives). His cohort is the genial keeper of the joy juice, Doc (Walter Matthau). And his aim is hilariously true.

Producer/director/co-writer Joshua Logan piped aboard a top supporting crew of young talents on the brink of fame, including Jack Nicholson, Larry Hagman, Peter Marshall, James Coco, James Farentino, George “Goober” Lindsey and in a delightful comic turn as missionary-trained natives, renowned dramatic actors Al Freeman Jr. and Diana Sands. Heave to for hilarity.

The total number of Warner Archive titles now exclusively available for rent at ClassicFlix.com is 361.

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