Mutiny on the Bounty (Blu-Ray) in November

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) - Blu-Ray
November 16th
Retail: $34.99, Our: $29.99
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Warner has announced a November 16th release date for the Blu-Ray debut of Mutiny on the Bounty (1935).

The single disc Blu-Ray book release comes with all the bonus features on the previous standard edition, plus 30 pages of rare photographs and insight.

It will retail for $34.99, but is available at for only $29.99.

HMS Bounty sails for Tahiti by way of Cape Horn... and into movie lore as an American Film Institute Top-100 American Films selection. Grandly filmed, Mutiny on the Bounty captured the 1935 Best Picture Academy Award and eight nominations total. Charles Laughton portrays Captain Bligh, a seafaring monster ruling with the law of fear.

Solidifying his status as Hollywood's #1 male star, Clark Gable is first officer Fletcher Christian, whose will to obey erodes under Bligh's tyranny. And Franchot Tone plays idealistic midshipman Byam, torn by his allegiance to both. T hat all three portrayals are vividly memorable is accented by the fact that for the only time in Oscar history, three stars from the same film were Best Actor nominees.


  • Vintage Documentary Pitcairn Island Today
  • Academy Award Newsreel
  • Theatrical Trailers of This and the 1962 Remake
  • PLUS: A Blu-ray book that boasts more than 30 pages filled with photos from the archives of, which depict dramatic imagery from the film and rare insight into the production of the movie

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