Max Fleischer's Superman from Warner in April

What: Max Fleischer's Superman
When: April 7th
Price: Retail $26.99, Our: 20.99
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**Warner** has announced an April 7th release date for Max Fleischer's Superman. The 2-disc set will retail for $26.99, but is available at for only $20.99.

According to Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew the new transfers are "truly breaktaking," because they were done with Warner and DC Comics own master negatives. He follows with advice to dump old versions of Fleisher's Superman.

We normally do remove older, inferior releases of the same material to reduce confusion on which version is superior, however, in this case, we'll keep on VCI's 2006 release because it has a few bonus features not contained in this new set, and because VCI's lower price may be more appealing to those not overly concerned with video quality.


Includes all 17 Max Fleischer Cartoons with two bonus featurettes.
  1. Superman (Mad Scientist) - Sept 26 1941
  2. The Mechanical Monsters - Nov 28 1941
  3. Billion Dollar Limited - January 9, 1942
  4. Arctic Giant - February 27, 1942
  5. The Bulleteers - March 27, 1942
  6. The Magnetic Telescope - April 24, 1942
  7. Electric Earthquake - May 15, 1942
  8. Volcano - July 10, 1942
  9. Terror on the Midway - August 28, 1942
  10. The Japoteurs - Sept 18, 1942
  11. Showdown - Oct 16, 1942
  12. The Eleventh Hour - Nov 20, 1942
  13. Destruction , Inc. - Dec 25, 1943
  14. The Mummy Strikes - Feb 19, 1943
  15. Jungle Drums - March 25, 1943
  16. Underground World - June 18, 1943
  17. Secret Agent - July 30, 1943
  • The Man, The Myth, Superman Featurette
  • First Flight: The Fleischer Superman Series Featurette

1 comment:

  1. I hope that Warner does a better job on this
    stand-alone set, then they did when they released these very same 17 cartoon with
    the Superman Ultimate Collectors edition
    set. They made a big deal about these,
    and then totally screwed up the editing
    process on the transfers, and then STILL
    released them with the set without ever
    publicly acknowledging that they screwed
    up AGAIN, as they also did with the
    Superman movie disks. I caught the errors
    in the cartoon because I am intimately familiar with these Max Fleischer's Superman
    cartoons. Keep your proof of purchase handy
    so you can return them, just in case Warner
    tries to pass off the same poorly done
    cartoons from the Superman Ultimate Collectors edition. Beware.